Tattoo booking Information

If you would like to book a tattoo with me, please read carefully and then fill out the form below with as much detail as you can!

I have flash pieces available, which can be found in the highlights on my Instagram page (@splendidsilentsun). All flash pieces are tattooed only once. Flash pieces are a set size and a set price.

I am currently taking requests for custom work. I am especially interested in starting larger scale projects and working with clients over multiple sessions. You can fill out info about what custom piece you want in the form below. Please note that I am not willing to do tattoos of culturally appropriative imagery or of other artist’s work without their permission. I trust you to help me uphold these boundaries.

My rate for tattoo is $85/hour. However, I hope to make this work accessible to more people, so if my rate is a prohibitive factor for you, please let me know and we can have a conversation about reduced rate. I am willing to take on a certain number of tattoos at a lower rate, but I hope to reserve those tattoos for people who want to work with me but who truly would not be able to afford my work at my usual rate. Again, I trust you to reflect on what you are capable of paying and that if you reach out to me about a low income rate that you are doing so honestly <3

Once I have completed your design, I will be able to give you an estimate of the time the piece will take to tattoo, so you can get a sense of the cost. Please let me know in the form below if you have any budgetary limitations so that I can design a piece that falls within your budget.

I will send you sketches of your design 1-3 days before your appointment so that you have time to give feedback and request changes to the design before the appointment.

Thanks, I am excited to work with you!


Tattoo Booking Form

Name *
-your idea & any thoughts/stories associated with your idea -the size you want the piece and where you want it placed on your body
Do you have a preference for a certain tattoo technique to be used during your appointment?